30 People 30 Pieces Display – Preview 2

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In 1985, a group of dedicated Owen Sounders came together to create a museum in the old CNR station. In 2015, we celebrate their foresight, along with three decades of community support that brings us to the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre. 30 People 30 pieces is a unique exhibition that matches some of our founders and builders with our significant artefacts. – Exhibit opened July 4, 2015 with a 2 p.m. ribbon cutting.


24 Nicol family

#24 Pat and Don Nicol

Accession Number=1994.019.002

Description=A photograph of Alexander Leslie.  This photo was donated by Don Nicol whose grandmother, Kate was the sister of Captain John Simpson.  The photo is a colourized black and white photo of the freighter Alexander Leslie in open water from a starboard view with the boat coloured teal.  Alexander Leslie was built in 1901 at Cleveland by the American Shipbuilding Co. and was originally the J. T. Hutchinson for the Pioneer Steamship Co. of Cleveland, Hutchinson & Co., Managers.  The boat was wrecked on Point Iroquois, Lake Superior, in the Great Storm of November 9, 1913.  She was then salvaged and later returned to service.  In 1920, she was extensively rebuilt and operated in the short-lived and unsuccessful Forest City Steamship Co. (Cleveland) fleet as H.A. ROCK for several years during the 1920s.