30 People 30 Pieces Display – Preview 3

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In 1985, a group of dedicated Owen Sounders came together to create a museum in the old CNR station. In 2015, we celebrate their foresight, along with three decades of community support that brings us to the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre. 30 People 30 pieces is a unique exhibition that matches some of our founders and builders with our significant artefacts. – Exhibit opened July 4, 2015 with a 2 p.m. ribbon cutting.

8 Betty Moran

#8 Betty Moran

Accession Number= 2003.017.001

Description= An Owen Sound ceramic collector’s plate that was owned and donated by Betty Moran. This small collector’s plate has a painted scene of the Owen Sound harbour on it. The original grain elevator on the east shore of the harbour can be seen in the background on the right side of the plate with railcars of a Canadian Pacific train visible below it.  Several buildings and docked boats can be seen throughout the painting.  “Owen Sound Harbour” reads across the bottom of the plate in black letters.