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Waterfront Festival 2016 – some photos

Thank you to everyone who came to our 2nd Annual Waterfront Festival. What a wonderful turnout! Thank you to the volunteers, staff and all that took part. The waterfront was a happening place. Here is a sampling of photos from the day.

 Our summer students all decked out in 1940s era outfits. 

Summer staff in 1940s era outfits

Some of the crafts people.


Model trains



More vendors and the fire trucks!


It’s Here!

The CN Dining Car has been safely delivered to the tracks to the south of the building at the Waterfront Heritage Centre . On Monday, August 17 just before 11, the crowd awaited the arrival of the new addition to the site.

First came the trucks or wheels back in June.

Collage CWHC 26-06-2015 1-41-19 PM


Then on July 22nd the CN dining car made its way from Keswick to the former Derby Township site where work would be done to the exterior of the car – sandblasting and painting.

On August 17, the CN dining car made its way to the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre. It came down 10th Street West hill.

CN Dining Car 10th Street West by Doris Fraser 17-08-2015 10-53-09 AM

It had to navigate around the corner at 1st Avenue West.

turning onto 1st ave

The cranes had to prepare to hoist the eighty-five foot dining car on to the trucks (wheels) that were already in place.

getting ready to lift


The spectators watch with bated breath and their cameras at the ready to take photos of this historic event.

Excited spectators

The car is being hoisted on to the trucks.

lifting the car onto it's trucks

Wayne King checks the CN dining car.

in place!


Thank you to Wayne and the operators of the equipment.

Thank you to Doris Fraser for the above photographs. To see large versions of the photos, click the photos.