Exhibit 2020: Celebrating a Century

Although the museum is not open for the 2020 season, the Board of Directors decided that it did not want to miss sharing the story of Owen Sound becoming a city one hundred years ago. 

There are several ways to experience this.

Do you have a smart phone? Are you in the area? Come down to the Centre and through Augmented Reality watch short videos about our 2020 exhibit: “Celebrating a Century”.

Start on the east side of the former CN train station at 1155 1st Avenue West, Owen Sound. Locate the panel in the window with the poster: “Start here”. There you will find the instructions.  Open your internet browser and type in: http://portal.worldcast.io/  You will move to your right and go around the building stopping at each window where there is a poster. Point your phone at each of the 8 images located in the windows to hear the story of how Owen Sound became a City.  These will be accessible in this way until the end of October.

If you don’t have a smart phone or are not in the area, go to our web page Virtual Exhibit. On that page, you will find links to the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre YouTube channel and also links to the individual videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

There will be a third way that you will be able to access the information and it will be in print. We will update this information when it is available.