Outdoor Exhibits and Artifacts – Part 2

These exhibits are along the outside east wall of the former CN station.

Photo of the CNR Station 2020 as a sketch

Propeller Casting Pattern

This large propeller pattern, used for sand casting at the Kennedy foundry of Owen Sound, in the mid-1900s, is made of laminated pine wood. A pattern is a replica of the object to be cast, used to prepare a cavity in moist sand into which molten material is poured during the casting process. Patterns are made to exact specifications, so that they will provide an accurate casting.

Baggage & Mail Cart

Pulled by hand, this cart has a metal frame and a wooden base that was at the height of the baggage car floor, making it easier for porters to move items on and off the train. The freight room has large wooden doors that the cart could be easily wheeled through.

S. S. Hibou Anchor & Chain

The S. S. Hibou ran passenger and freight service for the Dominion Transportation Company (Booth Fisheries) from Owen Sound to the communities of North Channel, Manitoulin Island, and beyond. On November 21, 1936, the Hibou sank a few kilometres north of Owen Sound, taking seven members of her crew with her. The loss stunned the community. This anchor and anchor chain were recovered  when the vessel was raised and restored. [Link goes to the website Steamboat Stores of the Upper Great Lakes http://steamboatstories.ca/hibou.pdf. ]

Photo Sketch courtesy David Strutt