Owen Sound Harbour January 2016 — now and 114 years ago

The Owen Sound harbour looks quiet now. Few ships are in port during the winter months. This was not the case 114 years ago as reported in the The Marine Record newspaper published in Cleveland, Ohio on 2 January 1902.

The following ships wintered here:

    • CPR Steamships: Manitoba, Alberta and Athabasca
    • tug Maitland
    • Chicago and St. Lawrence Transportation Company’s steel carriers: Rosedale and Algonquin
    • tugs Metamora and Magnolia
    • ferry Metamora and Magnolia
    • ferry Mazeppa
    • the Trudeau, Agnes and the dredge

The steamer Milton was in drydock.

South of the drydock were: 

  • Melv[?]
  • Lillie Smith and her consort, the Cyrenian
  • The Donnacona
  • Strathcona
  • Hiram R. Dixon
  • the steam yacht, Viola
  • Dr. G. S. Bayfield
  • steamers: City of Windsor and the City of Owen Sound
  • the tug, Heather Belle
  • and the steam yacht, Venetta

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