Virtual Exhibit 2021

One hundred years ago in 1921, the The Owen Sound Transportation Company (OSTC) began. A group of local businessmen, principals in Owen Sound’s North American Bent Chair Company, formed the company. Their objective was to use the company’s steamboat, the S.SMichipicoten, to provide freight-only service to isolated North Shore communities. From that one steamboat, the company grew.

Richard Thomas of R. T. Communications produced this series of eight videos for The Community Waterfront Heritage Centre. The series celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Owen Sound Transportation Company. The series begins with the early history of shipping in the Owen Sound harbour. The use of Owen Sound as a commercial port started in 1842, when storekeeper W.C. Boyd purchased a schooner, the Fly, to transport his family and supplies from Toronto.

Black and white photo of the Normac [on left] and the Norgoma [on right] docked at the Manitowaning dock, Manitoulin Island. From the Archives of the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre, 1983.008.162

Both playlists, “The Owen Sound Transportation Company” and “Exhibit 2021,” have the eight videos.

The Videos are:

  1. Shipping history
  2. Early OSTC
  3. Ivor Wagner
  4. The Package Freight Business
  5. Cruising with OSTC
  6. The Turkey Trail
  7. Student Staff
  8. The Ferry Service