Zac – The Curator

Zachary McLean is the current curator of the Community Waterfront Heritage Center. He graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and furthered his understanding of museums by obtaining his Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College. Zack has a true passion for museums and curatorship with years of experience in a variety of roles.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Zachary grew up with a love of boats and ships and he continues to be passionate about boats in all their forms! He is both attentive and curious in his research on the ships and trains that pass through Owen Sound’s past and present in order to provide a rich experience for museum visitors.

While Zack spends much of this time in the back of the Community Waterfront Heritage Center, he always enjoys being pulled away to meet visitors! He is always more than happy to answer questions and provide further information on the collection.

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